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Creativity is often born through discovery, therefore, pupils are provided with broad range of inspirational experiences which allow them to explore their own creative strengths and weaknesses, talents and interests. Students are given the opportunity to express themselves creatively through independent learning, practical application, teamwork and reflection. We also prepare our students for the future by addressing issues relevant to their personal, social and moral development. Sequential tasks building on past achievement assures that every pupil is confident that they will achieve something. Confidence builds achievement and students are aware of personal and individual goals. We currently offer BTEC Performing Arts at KS4.

We currently offer BTEC Performing Arts Drama for students in the current Year 11 and OCR Drama GCSE for students in Year 10 and 9.

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Course Delivered

  • BTEC Performing Arts 
  • GCSE Drama (OCR)


Term by Term Subject Content


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Year 7

Spooky Stories

·           Mime

·           Personification and Physical Theatre

·           Sound effects and Soundscapes

·           Tension and Climax

·           Devices and Conventions


 Musical Theatre

·           Themes and Context

·           Solo and Chorus

·           Singing and vocal skills

·           Movement and gesture

·           Choreography (Dance)


Page to Stage

·           Themes and Context

·           Script and Dialogue

·           Stage directions

·           Physical Theatre

·           Characterisation


Year 8

Outside the Box

·           Mime

·           Commedia Del Arte

·           Stock Characters

·           Melodrama

·           Silent Movie


Alice in Wonderland

·         Stimulus

·         Devising

·         Physical Theatre

·         Script and Dialogue

·         Characterisation



·            Stimulus

·            Devising

·            Devices and Conventions

·            Script and Dialogue

·            Characterisation



Term 1


Term 2

Term 3

Year 9


Component 01/02 Devising Drama

Students will research and explore different stimuli, and experience how

to devise dramatic work from the chosen stimulus. Students will work in

small groups and use dramatic devices to develop their work. Basic drama

skills will be covered in practical tasks and students will learn about

different drama practitioners in order to develop their toolbox of skills to

draw upon.

Students will complete written tasks that mirror the stages of the written

portfolio, including mind maps, research tasks, analysis of practical work and written evaluation.



Component 04/03 – Performance and Response and Presenting and Performing Texts

Students will study the chosen play for their exam in year 11. Students will explore the themes and issues in the play both practically and through written tasks. Exam style questions will be practiced as part of this work.

During half term 2, students will rehearse and perform 2 extracts of the play in small groups. This will then be marked as a practice  assessment piece for component 03. 

Students will visit the theatre to see live drama performance and be expected to complete a written evaluation of the piece.




Component 01/02 Devising Drama

Students will be given set stimuli and select one that they want to develop into a finished piece of devised drama.

Students will create a written portfolio that is supported by detailed scaffolding to ensure it meets the criteria for a high standard piece of work. This will include mind maps to develop ideas, research around the stimuli, developed research of the final stimulus chosen, analysis of practical work in development, evaluation, and annotated photographs of the work in process.

Year 10


Component 01/02 – Devising Drama (Non-exam assessment) 30%

Students will research and explore a stimulus, work collaboratively and create a devised piece of drama. Students will complete a portfolio of

written and pictorial evidence. They will also write a detailed evaluation of their practical piece.




  Component 04 – Performance and Response (Written exam 40%)

Students will study the same text begun in year 9 in more depth both practically and in theory lessons. Students will answer practice questions under exam conditions and explore the themes and issues in the play in practical exploration.

Students will visit the theatre to see live performance and write a detailed evaluation in preparation for their written exam.



Component 03 – Presenting and Performing texts (30%)

AO2 - Learners will explore a script (that is different from the one studied for component 04) and perform two extracts of 10 minutes minimum each. Learners will be assessed on their performance on stage, this will be in preparation for the visiting examiner in year 11.


Year 11


Unit 1 – Individual Showcase (external)– 25%

Learning Aim A –  Understand the skills required for the selected progression opportunity

Learning Aim B – Present a self-promotional response to the selected progression opportunity.

Students will select and perform two contrasting monologues or one monologue and a presentation in response to a given theme.

Students will write a developed letter of application under exam conditions.





Unit 2 – Preparation, Performance and Production

(internal assessment) – 25%

Learning Aim A – Take part in the preparations for a live performance

Learning Aim B – Demonstrate performance or production skills and techniques in a performance.

Students will devise and perform a final performance piece based on practical tasks developed in the lessons.


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For further information on the curriculum offered please contact the Academy F.A.O Catherine Byfield (Active and Design subjects )