Leeds City Academy

Student of the Week

helping the school raise awareness

Marius is currently a student attending Leeds City Academy who has volunteered to be in a video where he has documented his journey to school every day. His film includes him showing how he travels on two buses each morning and evening in order to get to school and back. Marius has to stop in Leeds City Centre and take another bus in from there to school, which can sometimes be a problem; this is because Marius’s journey is extremely tedious and time-consuming.

This is the case with many young pupils at Leeds City Academy and Marius, through the documentation of his video, has been able to raise awareness with staff at the school about the struggle of using public transport on a morning and getting home. Marius has been able to do this not only for himself but also to represent the many other students at Leeds City Academy, who have to do the same every day. Leeds City Academy is hoping that Marius’s hard work in this documentary can show the local council how difficult it is for many to get into school early, without leaving home before 7am.

Currently, the council will only provide help to students with travel if they are travelling over two hours to get to school however, this voluntary work by Marius is hoping to influence a change which could make it easier for not only him but also his peers and others attending Leeds City Academy. School has described this as being, “increasingly important in raising the profile on travel and safe keeping.” 

Marius, due to his hard work with the video will be pushing to do more voluntary work and to try his hardest to raise awareness with other issues amongst young people.  

Ms Rose said: ”Marius is an extremely confident student who has shown resilience and demonstrated how caring he is for not only himself but also those around him and he wishes to continue helping the school raise awareness with key issues. His helpful nature is valued by everyone in our school community. Well done Marius!”

This news was written by Matida, who has undertaken work experience with Leeds West Academy and Leeds City Academy this week.