Leeds City Academy

Learning about Marketing & Communications

Work Experience Across the Trust

This week, Leeds West Academy Sixth Former Matida has been experiencing work within The White Rose Academies Trust's Marketing and Communications team. This involved deployment at both Leeds City Academy and Leeds West Academy. What follows is a review by Matida of her experiences, detailing how important Marketing and Communications is within the education sector.

What I have learnt

I take a large interest in learning and developing my knowledge in Marketing and Human Resources within a business because those are the career paths that I wish the take. This work experience has been able to not only highlight areas of those functions but I have been able to be given in-depth knowledge and understanding about them.

During my work experience, I have been able to learn more about roles within the function of Marketing as well as gaining knowledge on the IT team and their part taking in marketing. This was largely interesting to me, as I did not know how important the IT function truly was in marketing, which was beneficial to my understanding. By having the opportunity to see these different areas at work and in practice, I have learnt what their specific tasks are and how it contributes to marketing coupled with individual tasks that they are responsible which then also has an impact on the rest of the business.

What I did/activities?

During my work experience, I had the opportunity to take part with IT. I had the task of creating a questionnaire about the VLE, which was handed out to Sixth Form. The aim of the questionnaire was to get the opinions of the Sixth Former on what they would like on their own VLE. This was a very useful task as I was able to practice my research skills as well as refining my computing skills. I learnt that this was all necessary, as part of the marketing function, as by making the questionnaire you have to think about the target audience and the best way to appeal to them. Through this process, I was able to practice and pick up new and vital skills in marketing such as commercial awareness and creativity.   

Later on in the day, I was offered the opportunity to sit down with some people at the head of the Marketing Department and they were able to explain their individual roles to me. By having these conversations, I was able to ask as many questions as possible; they talked about their jobs, daily tasks and the projects that they worked on. I was then involved in one of the meetings which were part of the project, which meant that I was able to see the process of organisation and how things were planned which I have never experienced before. I participated by offering suggestions and feeding back my opinion on suggested ideas.

How beneficial was the process?

Overall, I have really enjoyed the work experience as it was active and I was not secluded. They provided me with many tasks to do which were all able to benefit me in some way. I really felt that I was able to pick up a lot of knowledge. The staff was also a pleasure to be around as I did not feel pressured or uncomfortable, I was able to speak with them freely and any questions were immediately answered to the best of their ability, which I really appreciated.

Before the work experience, I was very confused and indecisive about my career choices between HR and Marketing however now I feel that I can choose my options for the future with a better understanding and knowledge. I now feel more confident with the idea of Marketing and can see what it will involve, which I did not know at the beginning.