In English, we strive to develop students that are able to achieve their very best in our subject, regardless of their starting point. In our relentless quest to provide the best education that we can, we have partnered with ARK Curriculum+, the EEF and Sheffield Hallam to trial the efficacy of the English Mastery Curriculum.

Through Ark, we provides a strong foundation in the literary canon, however we also work tirelessly to promote a range of partner texts throughout Years 7, 8 and 9 to celebrate the cultural diversity of our Academy. We want our students to experience literature that is relevant to the world; not just the UK.

Our Mastery approach give us certainty that all of our students have solid foundations in all elements of literacy, from which they can flourish and fly throughout their curriculum. We inspire enjoyment and enthusiasm and we do not shy away from challenge. In fact, we foster an environment where students gain a sense of pride and reward from most challenging aspects of learning.

We enjoy reading with our students. We make sure they know what a pleasure it is to read a whole novel, which they will carry with them their whole lives. We know what our students’ reading abilities are through careful diagnostic assessment using STAR reader and we ensure they have access to reading material that is appropriate to their reading age through Accelerated Reader.

We believe in explicit vocabulary instruction, not just through teaching meanings but also through teaching students to strategy plan. Over time, our students learn and remember how to use roots and affixes to accurately decode and spell.

English does not just exist in the classroom. As part of our enrichment programme, we hold debates, participate in poetry slams and invite theatre companies into school.

We currently offer GCSE English Language (WJEC Eduqas) and GCSE English Literature (WJEC Eduqas) to all students in Years 10 and 11. Our interleaved approach ensures our students learn and remember over time, to prepare for their final exams. Our unrelenting approach to exam strategy planning and writing resilience equips our students with the tools they need to achieve exam results that will change their lives.


Course Delivered

  • GCSE English Language (WJEC Eduqas)
  • GCSE English Literature (WJEC Eduqas)


Term by Term Schemes of Work

Year 7 Units
  • Nineteenth-century Novel: Oliver Twist

  • Drama: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

  • Poetry: structure and metaphor

  • Oracy: Ancient Tales

  • Partner texts

Year 8 Units
  • Nineteenth-century Novel: Sherlock Holmes

  • Drama: The Tempest

  • Animal Farm and allegory

  • Oracy: The Power of Rhetoric

Year 9 Units
  • Nineteenth-century Novel: Jane Eyre

  • Drama: Small Island

  • Poetry: extended metaphor and comparative writing

  • Reading for Study: An Inspector Calls

Year 10 Units
  • Romeo & Juliet
  • A Christmas Carol
  • A Christmas Carol 

  • LANG Component 2 – Reading

  • LANG Component 2 – Writing (mini unit)

  • Love & War – Poetry Anthology

  • LANG Component 1 – Writing (mini unit)

  • Place – Poetry Anthology


Year 11 Units
  • Romantics and Nature – Poetry Anthology
  • LANG Component 1 and 2 revision ·
  • MOCKS 1
  • Bespoke Revision – Lang and Lit
  • MOCKS 2
  • Bespoke Revision – Lang and Li

 For further information on the curriculum offered please contact the Academy F.A.O Vicki Thomas (Subject Leader for English)