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Health and Social Care

At Leeds City Academy students have the opportunity to study for the Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Technical Award in Health and Social Care from Year 9 onwards.

The course consists of three units giving students the opportunity to develop a broad knowledge and understanding of health and social care. Units 1 and 2 are assessed through internal assessment (coursework). These units are on human lifespan development and Health and social care services and how they meet the needs of the general public.  In addition, there is one external examination.  This examination is based around health and well being.  Students will learn about physiological and lifestyle factors that contribute to our health.

For further information on the curriculum offered please contact the Academy F.A.O Kelly Allchin (EBACC Subjects).

Courses in Health and Social Work 

KS4 Students will be offered the following course: 

  •   BTEC Tech Award Health and Social Care Level 1 and Level 2 (Pearson)

Health and Social Care Subject Content 


½ Term 1

½ Term 2

½ Term 3

½ Term 4

½ Term 5

½ Term 6

Year 9

Introduction to lifespan development

Introduction to health and social care services

Introduction to care values within health and social care

Year 10

Component 1: Human lifespan development

Component 2: Health and social care services and values

Year 11

Component 3: Health and well-being (exam unit)



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