High Performance Learning

A partnership has been formed between the White Rose Academies Trust and High Performance Learning (a framework which has been adopted by schools in over 30 different countries).

High Performance Learning was developed by experienced educational leader and academic Professor Deborah Eyre, whose key philosophy is that every student has the potential to be a high performer. Over the last decade, Professor Eyre has been fundamental in challenging the existing ways of handling student performance which would sadly leave many students behind their peers.

Accredited HPL schools report seeing significant improvements in academic results, as well as positive impacts on staff motivation, workload and wellbeing. Leeds City Academy commenced the High Performance Learning School Award in September 2021, to enhance the journey of our academy towards achieving World Class status and unlocking the potential of every student in our care.

The prestigious two year accreditation programme will ensure that Leeds City Academy adopts High Performance Learning (HPL) framework, which builds on existing good practice and helps schools to enhance learning to ensure every child reaches high levels of performance.

The framework incorporates over 30 years of research and practical experience, and helps students to reach high levels of cognitive performance by focusing on the development of a specific range of skills (ACPs) and behaviours (VAAs).

Students experience a broad, deep and knowledge rich curriculum, underpinned by the philosophy of High-Performance Learning

Shaped by the guiding principles of High-Performance Learning, the curriculum at LCA curriculum helps students to achieve academic success and make excellent progress regardless of their starting point. Advanced Cognitive Performance Characteristics (ACPS) are embedded into the curriculum, designed in a way to ensure that students develop a deep understanding across a range of subjects and aligned with the National Curriculum.

Carefully sequenced units of work build on prior knowledge in all subjects and lessons provide students the opportunity to recall and retrieve previous learning, so that knowledge becomes fully embedded.

Incisive, timely and skilful assessment and personalised feedback secures and further enhances learning, ensuring that misconceptions or misunderstanding are quickly addressed.

High Performance Learning at LCA

Below is a video which shows how students at Leeds City Academy feel about how High Performance Learning works at LCA and how it helps them improve their learning and their lives.


 High Performance Learning in Lessons