Mathematics is a subject that all students need. In addition to the acquisition of vital numeracy skills needed for the future, it is also a field that should be enjoyed.

In developing the application of maths, necessary problem and logic skills are also developed. All students will find one area of mathematics that they enjoy. It is our goal to ensure that this enthusiasm and confidence in that area is transferred into all aspects of mathematics.

It is key that all students develop logical reasoning and problem solving skills. The Year 7 and Year 8 scheme of work builds on these skills and includes regular project and themed approaches to study. In addition to a more engaging approach, we focus on independence and developing students to assess their own work, whilst building a sound knowledge to guide them to further progress.
Our absolute aim is to ensure that every student has achieved his/her potential by the end of Year 11, with GCSE studies starting in Year 9. We currently offer GCSE Mathematics (EDEXCEL). 

Course Delivered

  • GCSE Maths (EDEXCEL)


Term by Term Subject Content


Year 7 Units
  • Algebraic Thinking
  • Place Value and Proportion
  • Applications of Number
  • Directed Number
  • Fractional Thinking
  • Line and Angles
  • Reasoning with Number
Year 8 Units
  • Proportional Reasoning
  • Representations
  • Algebraic Techniques
  • Developing Number
  • Developing Geometry
  • Reasoning with Data
Year 9 Units
  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Graphs, Tables and Charts
  • Fractions and Percentages
  • Equations, Inequalities and Sequences
  • Angles
  • Averages and Range
  • Perimeter, Area and Volume 1
Year 10 Units
  • Graphs
  • Transformations
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Right Angled Triangles
  • Probability
  • Multiplicative Reasoning
  • Constructions, Loci and Bearings
  • Quadratic, Equations, and graphs
  • Perimeter, Area and Volume 2
Year 11 Units
  • Fractions, Indices and Standard Form
  • Congruence, Similarity and Vectors
  • Algebra




For further information on the curriculum offered please contact the Academy F.A.O James Steingold (Subject Leader for Maths)