Heritage Languages - Options 2024

Course contact:                      Ms J Bond                    bond.j@whiteroseacademies.org

Outline of what this is: A Heritage Language is a GCSE undertaken in a language additional to English. This could be the first language spoken by the student or a language in which they are proficient, having spent several years living in a country which speaks that language. Students who choose to take a Heritage Language GCSE will have lessons outside the school day and would have to commit to one or two hours of lessons weekly, after the school day finishes (from 3pm).



Course Specification:

Edexcel GCSE Arabic (1AA0)                         Edexcel GCSE Chinese (spoken Mandarin/spoken Cantonese) (1CN0)

AQA GCSE French (8658)                                Edexcel GCSE Greek (1GK0)

AQA GCSE Italian (8633)                                 Edexcel GCSE Panjabi (Gurmukhi) (8683)

Edexcel GCSE Persian (1PN0)                         AQA GCSE Polish (8688)

Edexcel GCSE Portuguese (1PG0)                  AQA GCSE Spanish (8698) (for native speakers of Spanish only)

Edexcel GCSE Turkish (1TU0)                            Edexcel GCSE Russian (1RU0)

Edexcel GCSE Urdu (1UR0) 

If you have good knowledge of a language not listed above that you would like to take, please contact Miss Bond (bond.j@whiteroseacademies.org) to check if it is available as a GCSE. Please note, there is NOT a GCSE in Romanian. 

Course Description: Students will cover a range of topics such as school life, holidays and travel, future plans. You will also learn more about the culture and lifestyle of the countries which speak your chosen language. 

What will I learn?

You will develop your ability to use the target language spontaneously for the purpose of spoken and written practical communication. You will use the language in authentic situations and to understand both spoken and written sources (for example: podcasts, signs, notices, magazine articles, and letters). The course is taught in topic areas.

How will I be assessed?

Students are marked in four key areas – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking; these will be important skills to have when you apply for college, university and even a job. Listening and Reading assess how well you understand the target language and Speaking and Writing assess how well you can apply and use the language.

Students may be entered at Foundation tier (grades 5 – 1) or Higher tier (grades 9 – 4) but as Heritage Language students already have a sound knowledge of the language, you will be expected to sit the Higher tier exams. 

Future Opportunities and Careers

A GCSE in a Heritage language not only allows students to continue their important family heritage, culture and background, but to improve their weaker skills.

A GCSE in a Heritage Language can lead to advanced courses in languages, marketing, law, sport management, business, and finance and to a wide range of careers in the global technology industry, translation and interpreting, marketing, government, international business management and travel and tourism – the list is endless.

Employers like to see that you have a GCSE in a foreign language as it shows great transferable skills like communication and problem solving.

Further Information

All heritage language GCSEs will follow a modified curriculum

All students regardless of ability, sit the same exam leading to grades 9-1.