Homework, set by all subject teachers and form tutors, sets out to promote independent learning, reading, study skills and the broadening pupil’s knowledge base –all of which we value very highly at the Academy.

Our homework is set through the pupil’s knowledge organiser, which is a document that has key knowledge and reading for all the different curricula areas. Subject teachers will direct pupils to use different learning strategies (using taught revision skills) and learn certain areas of the knowledge organiser for that particular subject.

Following a period of homework there will be a recall quiz to assess how effective their homework and to embed this key knowledge in the long term memory.

Pupils will also be directed by their form tutors to engage with a number of tier 2 vocabulary words. Pupils will be expected to spell them, provide synonyms and put these words into context.

If you would like any further information around homework please contact: lester.t@whiteroseacademies.org