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Course Specification:                                      BTEC Tech Award in Music Practice

Course contact: Pauline Trusselle                 

Course Description: The BTEC course for music practitioners allows students to explore a variety of instruments, technology and genres, all whilst developing their instrument, performance, theory, production, self-regulation and aural skills. Pupils can select either a performer/composer or producer/composer route. Pupils will get the opportunity to develop their own musical future based on what they are passionate about before applying these skills to a vocational music brief.


Component 1Exploring Music Products and Styles

Component 2

Musical Skills Development

Component 3:

Responding to a Music Brief

What will I learn? 

In this unit you will learn how to analyse, perform and create music in a variety of genres from hip-hop to soul, classical and film. You will develop your aural skills whilst improving your understanding of key musical concepts, technology, and music theory.

What will I learn?

In this unit you will learn how to plan and develop the skills needed to improve your performance or production and composition skills. You will begin to understand how professional musicians manage their time, resources and how they reflect on their own progress.

What will I learn?

In this unit you will be presented with a vocational brief. You will create and perform or produce a brand new piece of music in one of four given styles.


How will I be assessed?

Task 1 - You will produce a portfolio of work exploring 4 contrasting musical styles, looking at examples, relevant musical theory and the social and historical background.

Task 2 - You will create a range of brand-new musical ideas to show your understanding of the styles and genres you have explored.

How will I be assessed?

You will be asked to submit two musical outcomes based on a given theme. One must be performed or produced, the other an original composition. You must also include targets and plans, reflections on your development throughout the process and a final evaluation.

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed on how well you plan your response to the brief as well as the quality and relevance of your final piece. You will be expected to use and comment on a range of relevant musical elements and sonic features, as well as develop new skills as a performer or producer. You will provide a commentary of your process as well as a final evaluation.

 Future Opportunities and Careers

The BTEC Tech Award in Music Practice can set you up fantastically for pursuing music in the future. Whether you choose to do post-16 study,  or just keep your passion for performance as a hobby, the skills developed will allow you to communicate with others, develop yourself and to set your own goals in an expert way.

The ability to perform and create is also extremely desirable in a wide variety of different rob roles, with everyone from lawyers, to radio presenters, to sales people, to teachers needing the ability to improvise, create and present! The skills in music are extremely transferable and would prepare any pupil for a wide range of job roles.