Leeds City Academy Students Excel in National Competition 'Your Voice is Power', Promoting Social and Racial Equity. 

Leeds City Academy is thrilled to announce the outstanding achievement of its Year 10 students in the national ‘Your Voice is Power’ competition, organised by Amazon Future Engineers. The competition which aims to promote social and racial equity, saw students utilising Georgia Tech's EarSketch platform to programme a captivating musical remix using Pharrell's latest song, "Entrepreneur." The talented students carried out the programming during their GCSE Computer Science lessons.

We are proud to share that five of our students, Michelle, Diyar, Nehemi, Alvin, and Mitchell, have been recognised as top-40 competition finalists, earning each of them a well-deserved prize of a £50 Amazon voucher.

Furthermore, the students' dedicated teacher, who is also Director of ICT & Digital Learning at Leeds City Academy, was invited to the esteemed House of Lords where she had the opportunity to discuss the students' remarkable experience in the competition with influential figures such as Lord Jim Knight, representatives from Amazon, BCS (Chartered Institute of IT), Computing At School, and the Digital Poverty Alliance.

Reflecting on their participation, one student expressed, "I enjoyed the freedom of creativity, and it was a new way to express myself," while another shared, "The competition combined both of my passions - music and programming." These sentiments highlight the positive impact of the competition, fostering a unique blend of artistic expression and technological innovation.

Leeds City Academy commends the dedication and talent demonstrated by our students, as well as the invaluable support provided by Mrs. Harvey. We extend our gratitude to Amazon Future Engineers for organising this competition, which has undoubtedly inspired our students to explore the limitless possibilities of combining music and programming