Leeds City Academy


Certificates for Diana Award Mentees

Celebrating active citizenship success 

Celebrations for Leeds City Academy’s Diana Award Mentoring Programme participants took place at the end of March complete with games, treats and certificates.

Several students have been involved with the programme since September and learned about active citizenship through youth led social action.  Mentors from The Zurich Group supported the group giving them an insight into the world of work and skills young people will need to develop.

As part of the celebrations, the group played a game which challenged them to make their own decisions by choosing a side of the room which represented an answer. This was a good opportunity for students to put their new skills to test by explaining why they have chosen their answer to the rest of the group.

They then watched the video they had made about disability awareness, before being handed their personalised certificates handed to them by Mr Stott and the Zurich mentors.   

Mr Stott said: “It has been a pleasure to watch these students develop their skillset and get involved with supporting disability awareness. I look forward to the Diana Award Mentoring Programme at Leeds City Academy.”

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Below is a slideshow of The Diana Award Graduates with their mentors from the Zurich Group: