Sam Leigh from Sleigh services attended the Diverse-City session on Tuesday 18th April to speak to the group about the stigma with Young Black men and mental health. 

Evidence shows that Black men are far more likely to be diagnosed with severe mental health problems and are far more likely to be sectioned under the Metal Health Act. 

Interestingly, up until black boys attend secondary school (aged 11) Black boys do not have poorer mental health than any other cultures their own age. 

Mind organisation for Mental Health, states that stigmas around barriers and systemic discrimination which are experienced by Black boys are a few of the reasons for this. 

The students shared their own personal experiences of coming across poor mental health within their communities and families and were advised where to go for support when needed. 

A massive thank you to Sam Leigh for sharing the knowledge helping the students understand they are not alone on their journey through life and how to cope with any well-being difficulties.