Leeds City Academy


LCA STEM Challenge Day

Sixty Year 9 pupils took part in a STEM challenge day run by the Smallpeice Trust.

The day began with a short presentation about STEM and in particular engineering, looking at all the different careers available under the engineering umbrella.

The first ice breaker task was to build a tower from 15 sheets of paper which could hold a 100g mass. The winning team built an impressive tower 60cm in height. This was a great activity as it got the pupils to problem solve and work as a team.

The main challenge of the day was to build a water filtration device for use in a smart home.

With very little in the way of instructions the teams had to build a tank to certain proportions, insert a water sensor and fit a water pump and pipeline. This involved soldering the electrical components, making a waterproof tank and connecting the pump.

Pupils found this very challenging but were soon on task with team leaders ensuring all tasks were carried out. Time was also given for a presentation to be prepared.

The afternoon session consisted of teams giving a short presentation and then all the systems were tested.

There could only be one winning team, but every pupil thoroughly enjoyed the day.

The STEM day has been accredited by the British Science Association at Crest Discovery level and all pupils will achieve a Crest award from their participation in the day. 

Thank you to the Smallpeice Trust for organising such a brilliant day for our students! Read more about them here: https://www.smallpeicetrust.org.uk/