LCA Girls Football Club 


LCA Girls Football Club 

The girls football team have been a beacon of exceptional standards over the past two years at Leeds City Academy, setting the highest standards of professionalism and embodying all the characteristics of model Leeds City students. The progress they have made regarding football ability has been a source of great pride for me, and all those involved, but on a more profound level, it is their attitude towards themselves and to each other that sets them apart as the elite club; they are extremely respectful.

Since December 2021 they have competed in an impressive 22 games, which is incredible dedication. They have amassed 9 wins, and 6 draws in that time period, a testament to their ability and work ethic, these girls are truly aspirational.

Watching them play is intense, we play in a way that is full throttle and adrenalin packed. Our games are never boring, never slow, and never a source of relaxation. The second the whistle blows, to the moment the game ends they put it all out there, and don't quit. It's a delight to see them work together as a genuine team, always trying to win, but never losing focus of their commitment to each other.


The proudest I have been of them was not in victory but in defeat, as such experiences seem to draw even more from them, and provide a purer sense of teamwork and unity. They never blame, they never divide, and they never lose focus on their commitment to each other. They never stop, they are resilient.

As I write this, we are on a 4-game unbeaten run, our best spell yet, and hopefully this article does not prove to be a curse! In our last game, a 0-0 draw against Mt St Mary's, (our biggest rival according to the girls) I had the unfortunate job of having to disallow two of our goals, and although there were a few upset faces at the end of the match (and the next day) they were in fact very tolerant of the decisions I made.

The current run we are on has been very pleasing, form however is temporary, whereas genuine class is permanent, and with that in mind, the reputation of Leeds City Academy is in very safe hands with this group of young ladies. I could not be prouder.

 – Peter Harvey

 Top Scorers Table 

Alisiyah  10
Tiana 7
Tiybah 7

Team Statements 

As captain of the football team I enjoy football, and people say, ‘boys are better than girls’ and ‘your team is bad’. We have proved them wrong and our team has come so far and persevered, and to be honest we couldn’t have done it without Mr Harvey or Miss Sales. People have always told me I couldn’t play football but look at me now.


I like to go to the girl’s football team because it’s fun to meet new people and play for different teams. I believe that girls and boys should have equal rights and we should display that around the whole school.


 I like to play for the girl’s football team as it’s fun and you get to know people from different years groups. I believe that girl and boy have equal rights and we should display this across the school as well.


“I love the girls football team because everyone there is really supportive and will make sure you get where you’ve always wanted to be. They’ll always reassure you when you feel like you can’t do something. They’ll motivate you into being the best footballer you can be. I also love the girls football because they just show that girls can play as good as boys can. The girls footballs have also just made me happier as a person, mentally and physically, they have made me realise that joining football was never a bad idea.


Football clubs are very healthy as they are a form of exercise. This also helps develop skills and characteristics like punctuality and communication. I like how football allows me to make quick decisions under pressure as when I have to pass the ball or would be the best to pass to right before it’s snatched from me.


I like girls football because we always support each other, we help each other improve, and the club is really fun and enjoyable.