Leeds City Academy



Student Leadership in Action

For several weeks Leeds City Academy has been enjoying a transformative period under the leadership of its newly elected Head Girl and Head Boy. Student Leaders play a crucial role in our school community; voicing the views of students and promoting our core values, whilst improving teaching and learning experiences for all.

Creflo and Donatella, both in Year 11, were successful candidates in the Student Leadership elections at the beginning of term. From a group of seven candidates, Creflo and Donatella presented their manifestos for leadership during assemblies ahead of a general school-wide election.

Creflo described the process: “I wasn’t sure at first, but I wanted to give it a try. As I’m a relatively new student I wasn’t confident that I would be a popular choice in the elections, but as it turns out people liked my ideas and everything has gone very well. I won 59% of the vote.”

Speaking of her reasons behind being a Student Leader, Donatella added: “I wanted to help people feel better in school and enjoy every day. It’s very rewarding to see that happen.”

So far, the Student Leaders have collaborated with the Academy Principal to re-establish a Year 11 common room. They have also worked closely with the planning and delivery of Year 6 Open Evening, demonstrating to local Primary Schools how our Academy offers a unique learning environment at the heart of Leeds life.

Speaking of her experience as Head Girl, Donatella spoke of the complexity in responding to the various needs of many students: “It’s not easy to please everyone all of the time, as people want different things. We’re often trying to find compromises and solutions to problems, which benefit everybody.”

Crelfo adds: “Often the ideas we hear are good ones, but not everyone agrees on what we want, so we work carefully. We meet regularly with Student Council, which represents students from every year group, making sure that their views are considered in our decisions for improving student life.”

Collaborating with deputies Dean and Skye, Donatella and Creflo are already making popular improvements at Leeds City Academy and will continue to respond to the needs of the school community throughout the year. More details of their future plans and actions will be available on the Leeds City Academy website and on Twitter at @LeedsCityWay.