Student Spotlight


Student Spotlight: Aizah


This week, we would like to shine the spotlight on one of our incredible students.
Aizah in Year 7 has been demonstrating her HPL skills and attributes, by being exceptionally caring and resilient.
She has been knitting garments for premature babies, such as hats, bottle warmers and mittens.
She has been doing this independently and we are blown away by how generous and caring she has been.
Here's how Aizah started her journey;
'Once my teacher told me she was making crochet baby boots and I thought crocheting baby stuff would be really fun. So, I decided to learn how to crochet myself. After making a few things, my mum told me about a project they were doing at her work, where they make baby things for premature babies. I wanted to get involved, so I knitted some items and gave them to my mum to give to her co-workers, who then took them to the NHS premature baby ward. I have kept knitting and making things for this cause ever since.'