Art & Design Year 7 Curriculum

Assignment 1


At Leeds City Academy, Year 7 Art students will have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of artistic materials, techniques and processes whilst learning to communicate thought and meaning visually. Students will create artefacts and make images in response to their own ideas and the work of other artists and designers. Students’ use of the formal elements in Art will be a key part of their development as artists.


Assignment 1 – Cubism
Through the study of Cubist Art, students learn about drawing techniques and processes, contextual studies and the Formal Elements. They will be given the opportunity to improve their drawing skills through the development of observational studies based on still-life.


Core skills include: Drawing techniques, (rendering, shading, blending)


Assignment 2


Assignment 2 - Painting/ Printmaking
Students will be working on individual projects informed by their study of Cubism in Assignment1. They are given the opportunity to experiment with printmaking techniques and will produce a Cubist composition using watercolour paints for their final outcome.

Core skills include: Painting, (colour theory, brush control, colour mixing) and printmaking, (Mixed- media, collage techniques)

Independent and homework tasks will form an integral part of the assignment and assessment process.


Assignment 3


Assignment 3 - Pattern, Decoration & Adornment:
During Assignment 3, students use Egyptian Art as a starting point and will learn about motif, pattern, decoration and adornment through their research. This assignment is an exploration into how pattern can be developed from primary source material and how it can then be used to enhance artefacts. Students will create an Egyptian artefact of their own for their final outcome.


Core skills include: Contextual studies – The ability to analyse and discuss how art from different cultures can influence us and others.


Students will be assessed/ moderated and their achievement levels will then be used for their final Year 7 level.

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