Geography Year 7 Curriculum

Assignment 1


During Assignment 1 students will be introduced to the essential map skills of Geography. These skills will allow students to form a solid understanding of location, scale and maps, enabling them to fully access the rest of the Geography curriculum.


Map skills content includes: Continents, countries, counties, capital cities, relief, scale, longitude, latitude, grid references, compass directions, interpreting different maps and the county of Yorkshire.


Students will be assessed on different map skills throughout the topics and their ability to apply their understanding to a range of maps. In addition, students will apply their full knowledge to the main assessment; a project about Yorkshire and Leeds.


Assignment 2


Assignment 2 will focus on the extreme environments of the rainforest and hot desert. Through the topic students will learn about the climate, plants, animals and people that live in rainforests and hot deserts. They will also understand how humans can both damage and manage these environments.


Speaking and listening skills will be assessed during this topic through a role play about deforestation. Their wider knowledge and written skills will be assessed in a report that compares and contrasts the hot desert and tropical rainforests. In addition, there will be weekly spellings and knowledge tests to further embed learning.


Assignment 3


In Assignment 3, students will explore ‘amazing places’ from around the world, learning about how physical and human factors have created them. Students will develop their understanding of how physical processes, such as erosion, shape the land and also how certain climates can create unique environments. In contrast, we will also explore how humans can influence locations through tourism and its associated impacts.


The main assessment will focus on decision making and explanation as students justify which location they consider to be the most ‘amazing’. In addition, the students will be assessed on their independent research skills through a project based on an ‘amazing’ location of their choice. There will also be regular spelling tests of key terms.

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