Music Year 7 Curriculum

Assignment 1


Students will focus on three main areas in music:


  • Performance
  • Composition
  • Theory, Analysis, Listening and Appraisal


They will learn in these areas through the following units:

Students will work on a portfolio of both solo and ensemble performances throughout the year. Their performances will be audio or video recorded and their achievements recorded on a portfolio record card. Students will have a choice of difficulty of piece for their ability level and the level of challenge which they would like to attempt. Whole school and peripatetic lesson performances will also be included on this record card where appropriate.


Core skills include: timing, accuracy of melody and rhythm, working with others, notation reading, basic instrumental and vocal technique and fluency.


Assignment 2


Students will work on a portfolio of compositional exercises throughout the year. They will create music through improvisation and practical experimentation as well as through computer software programmes such as Garageband, Logic and Sibelius. Their work will be recorded in audio and/or paper format and their technical and creative achievements logged on their portfolio record card.


Core skills include: Melody writing, melodic development, using melodic and rhythmic devices, understanding notation, writing basic harmony and structuring their work.


The cumulative achievements on the student’s portfolio record card at the end of the year will contribute to a third of their end of year assessment.


Assignment 3


Theory, Analysis, Listening and Appraisal
Throughout the year, students will study music from the unit topics specified above in order to develop their:


  • understanding of music theory
  • ability to analyse the main components and technicalities of music from both written and aural extracts
  • ability to apply their analysis to validate the music’s purpose, intention or function.


They will have homework booklets to complete which will underpin their learning in lessons.


Their progress will be monitored throughout the year and will culminate in a short end of year listening exam. This exam will assess their understanding and application of the music that they have studied through the year. The achievements in this exam will contribute to the final third of their end of year assessment.

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