Seperate Science - Options 2024

Course Specification:              AQA GCSE in Biology (8461), Chemistry (8462), Physics (8463)

Course contact:                     MR P. Hoskins     

Course Description:

The separate science GCSE courses are equivalent to three GCSEs, one in each of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The courses include a wide range of science topics in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The courses require students to:

  • AO1: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of scientific ideas, scientific techniques and procedures.
  • AO2: Apply knowledge and understanding of scientific ideas, scientific enquiry, techniques and procedures.
  • AO3: Analyse information and ideas to interpret and evaluate, make judgments and draw conclusions, develop and improve experimental procedures.



What will I learn?

During your Single science lessons you will study the additional material needed to add to the Combined Science GCSE course that all pupils follow. You will study for all 3 sciences – Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Single Science GCSEs will give you a broader understanding of scientific concepts and enable you to link your knowledge and apply your skills in a wider variety of contexts e.g. how the brain works, chemical analysis and astronomy. It will develop your ability to critically evaluate data, to develop models and problem solve through different types of scientific enquiry including core practical activities.

How will I be assessed?

Each of the three sciences; Biology, Chemistry and Physics will be taught and assessed separately. There will be 2 terminal exams for each science at the end of year 11. Each science course also consists of a number of required practical activities which will be assessed through questions in the exams.

Each exam is 1 hour and 45 minutes long, carrying 100 marks per paper.

 Future Opportunities and Careers

Future Opportunities and Careers The separate science courses provide the best preparation for the further study of science at A-Level and beyond.

A high science GCSE grade (6-9) will provide access to studying that subject at A Level

2 good science GCSE grades (5-9) will provide access to the Level 3 BTEC course in Applied Science.

GCSE Sciences are also essential for a range of different careers at all levels such as all medical careers, engineering, pharmacy and chemical analysis. 

Further Information Separate science is suited to those students who have a real interest in science and are prepared to put in the time to learn the vast amount of content. To access GCSE Triple Science students should be working at Exceeding or a high Mastering level during their Year 9 science course. Students should also have an IPV of 1 or 2.