Our Student Leadership

We have a student parliament that is organised to reflect the UK government. Separate departments focus on key areas of academy life such as the department for education, department for health and wellbeing and the department for conduct. Students work in partnership with senior and middle leaders to instigate positive change and action throughout the academy.

Our Empower programme works directly with our female students to develop their leadership abilities. Students on this program work towards a nationally recognised leadership qualification.

Our Culture Coaches are Year 11 students who support and mentor our Year 7 and 8 students.

Leeds City Academy work in partnership with the Diana Changemakers Award. This programme allows are students to develop their leadership skills and to become advocates for mental health.

Our Community Links

We are proud to be active and responsible members of our local, national and global community. At Leeds City Academy we work in partnership with charities and organisations and strive to ensure all students are aware of how they can become involved in community work.

Leeds City Academy has an active Community Impact Leaders group who work closely with local groups, associations, and decision makers to improve the local area.


Our active citizenship community work was recognised by the Association for Citizenship Teaching where Leeds City Academy were one of three schools shortlisted nationally for the ACTive citizenship school of the year.