New to English / Early Acquisition EAL Students

New To English ( NTE)/Early Acquisition (EA) students and their parent / carers will have an admission meeting with an EAL teacher and start school with a week-long Induction course staffed by EAL teachers and Student Support Workers ( SSWs) a number of whom are bilingual themselves- and by science / resource centre staff.

The Induction course welcomes the students giving varied opportunities to learn about the school and develop English skills working in a small group setting. Students are also assessed in order to set targets to ensure rapid progress in improving their English.

The Induction finishes on a Friday and parents/carers are invited to a graduation ceremony where students showcase new skills and receive a certificate.

'Exit' information about the students' skills and areas for development is shared with all staff before students finish their Induction week, to support progress in mainstream lessons.

Following graduation students start mainstream timetables, accessing New To English classes in English, as well as other curriculum subjects appropriate to their year. NTE / EA classes focus on communication in English, particularly speaking and listening, with initial literacy in English and a weekly reading lesson.

New To English students also receive in class support across the wider curriculum, as appropriate.

Staff Members  

Ms B Mitchell  Leader of EAL
Mrs R Acs-Bali  Assistant Lead of EAL
Mrs S Rawlinson Teacher of EAL
Ms I Patrut  Teacher of EAL 
Ms I Ungvari  Teacher of EAL 
Mr A Hussain  EAL Support Worker
Mr J Rees EAL Support Worker
Mrs T Mohammed  EAL Support Worker 


New to English – Early Aquisition

Developing English

Students receive:

  • A week-long Induction course
    bespoke teaching in NTE English classes
    In class support ( EAL teachers / SSWs)
  • A trained Buddy and the support of any trained Buddy in their classes under the direction of teaching staff
  • Interventions where appropriate: handwriting, speaking, phonics
  • homework support

Students receive:

  • A one day Induction course
  • In class support where appropriate
    Bespoke interventions: reading / writing
  • Opportunities to take Heritage Languages GCSE where appropriate
  • Opportunties to train and practice as a Student Volunteer Interpreter