Here you will find a comprehensive list of contacts for Leeds City Academy. Should you be unsure of whom to contact, please email the Academy at


Senior Leadership Team 

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 Pastoral & Behaviour Team

Mrs E Clegg 

Lead Year Manager 

Mrs N Wilkes 

Year 7 Manager

Ms L Higgins 

Year 8 Manager 

Miss N Escobar 

Year 9 Manager

Ms D Bairstow 

Year 10 Manager

Ms K Batten 

Year 11 Manager

Mr K Robinson 

RLC Manager

Ms A Chirita 

Community Liaison Manager

Mrs S Howarth  

Pastoral Manager

Achievement Team

Mrs S Dryden 

Data Manager

Mrs M Carney 

Admissions, Exams & Timetable Manager

Ms L Clark 

Assessment & Intervention Admin Assistant 

Administrative Team

Mr L Ferris  Office Manager
Ms M Coward  Senior Admin Assistant 
Mr K Rahman  Administrative Assistant
Ms P Suman  Student Receptionist & Admin Officer

 SEND Department 

Mrs H Mills 


Ms J Oliver 

Assistant SENDCO

Ms D Danahay 

Assistant SENDCO

Ms F Zhang 

Teaching Assistant

Ms E Manneseh 

Send Pathway Mentor - Year 7 

Ms K Deeley 

Send Pathway Mentor - Years 8 & 9 

Ms E Hays 

Send Pathway Mentor - Years 10 & 11

 Wellbeing Team

Mr M Thompson   Wellbeing Worker 
Mr A Rehman  Academic Achievement Mentor
Mr R Wilkes  Mentor 

 Safeguarding & Attendance Team

Ms S Smith  Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead 
Ms E Parker  Safeguarding Officer 
Ms J Mladenovic  Attendance Lead
Ms P Horsman  KS3 Attendance Welfare Officer
Ms D Chincea  KS4 Attendance Welfare Officer 



Ms K Molloy 

CEIAG Manager 

Ms T Niles 

Admin Assistant - Careers & Extra-Curricular 


 EAL Department 

Mrs B Mitchell 

EAL Leader

Ms S Rawlinson 

EAL Teacher 

Ms I Ungvari

EAL Teacher

Mrs T Mohammed 

EAL Student Support Worker

Ms R Acs-Bali 

EAL Teacher

Ms I Patrut  EAL Teacher
Mr J Rees  EAL Student Support Worker
Mr A Hussein  EAL Student Support Worker 


 English Department

Ms V Thomas

Director of English

Mr S Bartfield 

Lead Practioner - English 

Ms E McHale 

Teacher of English

Mr R Hutton  Teacher of English
Ms F Akilo  Trainee Teacher of English 
Ms I Tariq  Teacher of English
Mr D Johnson   Teacher of English
Mrs S Barratt  Reading Teacher 


 Maths Department

Mr J Steingold 

Director of Maths 

Mr O Brown

Assistant Director of Maths

Ms K Darwin 

Lead Practitioner - Maths 
Mr S Spetch 

Teacher of Maths
Mr J Hall 

Lead Practitioner - Maths 

 Science Department

Mr P Hoskins 

Director of Science

Ms R Jack 

Assistant Director of Science 

Ms D Andrew 

Lead Practitioner - Science

Ms S Williams

Teacher of Science

Mr H Malik 

Teacher of Science 

Mr M Khan

Teacher of Science

Mr A Minhas

Teacher of Science

Mr A Hussain 

Teacher of Science 

Ms T Wong 

Teacher of Science 

Mr D Brown 

Science Technician 

Humanities Department

Ms C Stewart-Woods  Subject Leader of History 
Mr A Halpin  History Teacher and High Performance Learning Lead 
Mr O Duffy  Teacher of History
Mr E Train  Teacher of History 
Mrs R Hall  Subject Leader of Geography 
Mr P Harvey  Teacher of Geography 
Mr T Wheeler  Teacher of Geography 
Ms A Malik  Subject Leader of DNA
Ms S Davies  Subject Leader of RE 
Ms S Thompson  Apprentice Teacher of SMSC 

 Creative Department

Ms C Jones 

Subject Leader of Drama

Ms R Winstanley 

Subject Leader of Art & Photography 

Ms R Stephenson 

Teacher of Art

Ms K Webb 

Teacher of Technology 

Ms A Patel 

Teacher of Technology

Mr A Groves 

Teacher of Technology 

Ms L Sutton 

Art & Design Technician 

Ms S Royston 

Technology Technician 

Mr M Bermejo 

Technology Technician  


Physical Education Department

Mr R Davison 

Teacher of PE and Enrichment Coordinator

Mr J Nolan 

Teacher of PE and Strategic Lead for Peak Performance 

Ms C Sales  Teacher of PE


 Computing Department

Mrs C Harvey

Director of Computing & Digital Learning

Mr W Niles 

Teacher of Computing 


MFL Department

Mrs H Dorman   

Subject Leader - MFL

Mrs L Fielding de Gil 

 Teacher of Spanish

Mrs G Salazar  Teacher of Spanish 
Ms J Bond Teacher of Spanish & Lead of Heritage Languages



Ms H Goddard 

Learning Resource Manager/Librarian